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Eu-SPRI Annual Conference – Vienna, 7-9 June 2017

The organisers of the Eu-SPRI Annual Conference hosted by the SI-DRIVE partner AIT, launched the following call for papers: Deadline for submissions: 13.02.2017 The SI-DRIVE coordinator TU Dortmund University organises, together with other colleagues, the session “Social Innovation as a Challenge for a Comprehensive Innovation Policy”. All session tracks can be downloaded here:

Business models and models of support in social inclusion

The SI-DRIVE partner, the University of Deusto (social innovation unit) investigates the collaborative economy, the circular economy and the notion of the common good as new models of social relationships and doing business, associated with social inclusion. The model of thecollaborative economy is presented as an alternative to both, market capitalism and planned economy; it […]

Inclusion matters in Social Innovation

Contributions to a more inclusive society in general, and the involvement of people with activity limitations in particular play a considerable role for social innovation initiatives. This is what an analysis of the SI-DRIVE dataset has shown. Jennifer Eckhardt (TU Dortmund University) presented the findings under the title “Observations on the role of digital social […]

Partner project SIC has launched its new website

Social Innovation Community (SIC), a partner project of SI-DRIVE has launched its new website: It will help you to stay connected with everything that is happening in the field of social innovation in Europe. You will also find lots of ways to get involved in SIC activities and community. To help you navigate this new website, here is a […]

Social Innovation Europe is coming to an end

After 5 years of building a community of SI practitioners and thinkers across Europe, the SIE project is coming to an end and will be followed by a new project at the end of July. The SIE project started in 2011 and was the first pilot action from the European Commission that focused on social innovation. Initiated by DG […]

Mapping of ICT-enabled social innovation initiatives

The Joint Research Centre (the European Commission’s science and knowledge service) is conducting a new mapping of ICT-enabled social innovation initiatives to consolidate the ‘ICT-Enabled Social Innovation project (IESI) Knowledge Map’ which aims at supporting social policy reforms in the European Union (EU). It collects and analyses promising initiatives across the EU28. It also conducts […]