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Monthly Spotlight: Interview with Annika Surmeier, Philipps…

Why are sustainability innovations gaining in importance? In the age of globalization researchers, policy makers and practitioners are confronted with formidable global environmental and societal mega problems: social inequality, poverty, climate change, and resource scarcity. Many of these challenges are accelerated by the globalization of economic activities and unsustainable methods of production and consumption. From […]

Monthly Spotlight: Interview with Judith Terstriep, Westphalian…

Why is research in Social Innovation important for you? Europe is confronted with many complex and interrelated socio-economic challenges and these have clearly been exacerbated by the economic crisis. They include long-term unemployment, an ageing population, poor educational attainment, gender inequalities, migration and integration, shortages of natural resources, global interdependence and climate change to name […]

Monthly Spotlight: Interview with Peter Oeij, TNO

Why is Research in Social Innovation important for you? Changes in society have always been started by people. Social innovation stresses a shift from institutional change (like economical in technological innovation) to bottom up activities set in motion by motivated people. The importance about social innovation for me is that the make-ability of our societies […]