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Mapping the World of Social Innovation

In the EU-funded large scale project SI-DRIVE “Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change”, 25 project partners have mapped 1.005 cases in seven policy fields on all five continents. Results of the comparative analysis give insights into the highly diverse world of social innovation, the variety of actors and their interaction, and the systemic character […]

The Role of Universities in Social Innovation

Panel discussion in the course of the XIV. International Triple Helix Conference In the course of the XIV. International Triple Helix Conference, Heidelberg, Germany,  25th to 27th September 2016 a panel discussion titled “Social Innovation: On the Roles of Universities” was organised by Doris Schartinger and Matthias Weber from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. […]

Now available: First Comparative Analysis on the Worldwide…

The Comparative Analysis is based on empirical data of more than 1.000 social innovation cases. It delivers new insights into the diversity of social innovation approaches in different parts of the world used by practitioners, researchers and policy makers. It also provides an overview of various types of social innovations in seven policy areas (education, employment, environment […]

Compilation of the state of the art reports on the seven SI-DRIVE…

SI-DRIVE published the “Compilation of the state of the art reports on the seven policy fields” by end of June. The report provides insights into the analysis of the key dimensions, elaborated in each of the seven policy fields, the practice fields identified in the different world regions and first observations concerning the relation between […]