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In-depth case study reports in the seven policy fields of SI…

In each of the seven policy fields of SI-DRIVE (education and lifelong learning, employment, environment and climate change, energy supply, transport and mobility, health and social care, poverty reduction and sustainable development) in-depth case studies were conducted. Based on the theoretical framework and the empirical results of the global mapping, a total of 82 cases […]

Social Innovation: Relevant Part of Technological Development

The SI-DRIVE concept of Social Innovation as part of a new innovation paradigm was integrated in the HORIZON 2020 – SPIRE project COCOP: Coordinating Optimisation of Complex Industrial Processes. COCOP is a first trial to combine technological development with a social innovation process of co-creation and co-development for improving effectiveness and impact of the innovations […]

Workshop discusses frontiers of social innovation theory

How does social innovation relate to social change, and how can social innovation transform society? A team from SI-DRIVE discussed these questions with high-profile social innovation researchers at a two-day theory workshop in Stockholm on May 27/28. SI-DRIVE and TRANSIT, two current major research projects on social innovation funded by the EU, joined forces with […]

The SI-DRIVE analysis framework

The challenges of research design for social innovation: finding the right synergies from multiple disciplines Research on social innovations draws from a range of disciplines that includes social policy, political sciences, economics, and sociology. Each discipline has its independent set of paradigms and associated controversies. While social innovations can be analyzed as drivers of change, […]

Critical Literature Review

SI-DRIVE Critical Literature review outlines five key dimensions for analysing SI cases A multidisciplinary literature review of existing theoretical and conceptual strands on social innovation and its relationship to social change is the first thematic deliverable of the SI-DRIVE project. It connects social innovation research findings with the state of the art in other innovation-related […]