Seminar “Public Policies in the Global Context”, Zhejiang University of Technology

The seminar “Public Policies in the Global Context” was held at the Yifu Building, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, on 12th January 2017. It was jointly organised by the Department of Social Security and Risk Management of Zhejiang University and the Centre for Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation of Zhejiang University of Technology (based in Hangzhou). Seminar sessions and discussions focused on social innovation as well as social welfare, social policy, social services, environmental protection, educational resources and global development. Experts and scholars from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Malaysia, South Korea participated in the event together with graduate students from both universities.

Prof. Dr. Ka Lin (Zhejiang University) presented a thematic report on “Global Development and Social Well-being”. The speech of Professor Dr. Wei Fang (Zhejiang University of Technology) focused on the state of the art of the elaborated social innovation concept in Asia. The following discussion also included the relevance of the concept on political level.