Successful set of Policy and Foresight Workshops finished in March 2017

The SI-DRIVE project is delivering a new theory for social innovation. But the project is not only of interest to scholars. With more insight into the theory on social innovation, a lot of insight is developed on how policy should (or should not) support social innovations and social innovators. During the months of February and March, a set of seven policy and foresight workshops has been finished, under the leadership of the teams of TNO and AIT. Some 70 specialists from the SI-DRIVE team and 80 international external specialists have contributed to these workshops. Each of the workshops was conducted over the course of two days. The first day was an internal workshop, aimed at improving the final conclusions of the analysis of the case studies in a policy field. This first day helped to create support from the team for these conclusions. The second day of the workshop was focused on the input of the external specialists. We had a secretary-of-state, numerous civil servants, a great number of social innovators and specialists from research groups discussing with us the conclusions. Our methodology was to help the participants to focus on those elements that improved the reports and added new conclusions. In the next months, you can expect policy briefs with conclusions from each of the separate case study reports. The conclusions will feed into an International Round Table on June 13th 2017. We already have a member of the European Parliament who has committed to participate in this next event. More to come in next weeks and months.





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