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Issue #3 / November 10th 2014


Welcome to the SI-Drive Newsletter

third edition

Welcome to the third eNewsletter of SI-DRIVE, a large-scale research project funded in the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme (FP 7). In our third edition we focus amongst others on the conceptualisation of the SI-DRIVE database, which will be launched in the course of the project.




SI LIVE 2014 conference



TRANSITION, BENISI, TEPSIE and SI-DRIVE projects organise a two-day conference (12-13th November 2014) in Lisbon (Portugal) dealing with the future of social innovation in Europe. Live streaming will be available for this event. Please watch this website for more details and information:


Exchange of four FP 7 projects dealing with social innovation



Conceptualisation of the si-Drive database

Objectives and most important elements

The SI-DRIVE database will serve as the main source for empirical work of SI-DRIVE. The databse will comprise 1000+ social innovation cases that will be gathered by the SI-DRIVE partners. In advance of creating the database, a screening of already available databases, platforms and awards on social innovation took place. The screening aimed at the identification, selection and initial analysis of well-documented socially innovative projects/initiatives in the world and in particular in Europe.

In the project a case is described by the five key dimensions of SI-DRIVE that were developed by the theoretical framework. These are addressed societal needs and challenges; concepts and understanding; actors, networks and governance; process dynamics and resources; capabilities and constraints. Moreover, a case is a project/initiative and - if existing - its corresponding practice field. We differentiate between 'projects' and 'practice fields' since this approach enables for getting a deeper insight into upcoming trends and 'booming' areas for solving social demands and societal challenges. This approach further allows collecting projects and related practices in the defined policy areas of SI-DRIVE.

The database will be structured according to the five key dimensions mentioned above. Overall, the database will consist of several subdivisions with the help of which major SI-DRIVE research questions will be answered.

In addition, the database will allow future research and analysis of social innovation cases alongside the five key dimensions. The data gathered in the database can be analysed, for instance, according to:
  • the different information sources, i.e. ‘information providers’ such as social innovators (practitioners), the public, funding institutions, etc.;
  • the geographical scope of the practice fields, the projects and the project partners of the cases;
  • the addressed social demands and societal challenges in the different world regions;
  • the innovative solutions provided by social innovation cases;
  • the process dynamics that occur by implementing social innovations in the different world regions;
  • the outcomes of the social innovations and their contributions to change;
  • the governance structures implemented;
  • the drivers, barriers and strategies; and
  • the organisational capacity and resources required in implementing social innovations.


Tilburg Turnaround

 Start of a Petition


The 'Tilburg Turnaround', a declaration which arose from the European Social Innovation Week (ESIW) 2014 in Tilburg (The Netherlands), signed by the Mayor of Tilburg, the ESIW participants and others, addresses the need to make more systemic use of regional and local social innovation capacities in the European SI agenda. Actors and institutions are invited to sign the Tilburg Turnaround. Thereby, these actors can help to create the framework conditions needed to better solve Europe’s most pressing societal challenges.


Every vote counts!



Ain't No Need We Can't Solve – Challenge 2014

Social Innovation Competition in Colombia

The first global innovation challenge is aimed at innovators from around the world who can come up with solutions based on collaborative economy, to address problems faced by vulnerable populations. Ideas can be nominated until 23rd November 2014. The SI-DRIVE partner 'The National Agency for Overcoming Extreme Poverty (ANSPE)' is one of the organising institutions. Three winners will be selected and invited to Bogotá (Colombia) (air ticket and lodging expenses will be covered) to pitch to a high-level panel of investors and to receive coaching by Socialab Colombia and other organising partners. Further information is available here:



social Innovation Policies...

... on the european and the Asian level


The Croation Ministry of Economy and other Croatian partners organised, with the support of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission, a 'Best practice sharing seminar' on 24th October 2014 in Zagreb (Croatia). The purpose of this seminar was to share examples of best practices in OECD and EU member countries with local stakeholders. Various examples of potential policy instruments to support Triple Helix partnerships for social innovation were displayed. The event was part of an ongoing project to set up a coherent and ambitious social innovation policy in Croatia. Further information is available here:

The concept of social innovation and entry points to establish a Malaysian social innovation policy was discussed during a conference in Kuala Lumpur between 31st October and 2nd November 2014. The keynote speaker Josef Hochgerner from the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) took up the conference motto 'Social Innovation Rocks', which was created by the organisers of the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). In his speech he indicated an expected change in innovation policies, including social dimensions of innovation and - in particular - social innovations in future oriented strategies. Further information is available here:


Social innovation becomes relevant globally





At Home/Chez Soi, a four-year, publicly funded project in five Canadian cities aimed to provide practical, meaningful support to Canadians experiencing homelessness and mental health problems. The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) demonstrated, evaluated and shared knowledge about the effectiveness of the so called ‘housing first’ approach, where people were provided with a place to live and then offered recovery-oriented services and supports that best meet their individual needs. In the course of the project it turned out that housing is only the first step and once people have secured quality housing, they are motivated to achieve other goals. A central recommendation indicated that chronical homelessness can only be solved through cross-ministerial approaches and cooperations, which combine health, housing, social services with non-profit and private sector partners.

Further details on the project and download materials (e.g. a housing first toolkit, etc.) are available here:





Austrian stakeholders and experts from research and innovation funding organisations, innovation research organisations, politics, public administration and various supporters of social innovation came together on 17th October 2014 at the Ö1 Open Innovation Forum 2014 in Vienna. They elaborated strategic programmes and instruments to advance social innovation creation and implementation. The key objective was the inclusion of specific levers for social innovation in existing innovation support measures of public agencies and private investors. The forum was organised together with Ö1 (the editorial department for science of Radio 'Österreich 1', Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF), in cooperation with Ashoka,, SozialMarie. More information is available in German here:



Coming Soon ...

Fourth SI-Drive Newsletter


The fourth SI-DRIVE newsletter will be issued mid December 2014. Amongst others, it will focus on the central results and recommendations of the SI LIVE 2014 conference, organised by the cooperating FP 7 projects TEPSIE, BENISI, TRANSITION and SI-DRIVE.

Please register at our si-drive website if you are willing to receive regular information.


Fourth SI-DRIVE Newsletter

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