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Issue #7 / September 30th, 2015


Welcome to the SI-Drive Newsletter

Seventh edition

Welcome to the seventh eNewsletter of SI-DRIVE, a large-scale research project funded in the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme (FP 7). In our seventh edition we focus amongst others on the forthcoming conference "Social innovation 2015 - Pathways to Social Change".




Conference: Social innovation 2015 - "Pathways to Social Change"

Research, policies and practices in European and global perspectives on 18th and 19th November in Vienna


We aim to find methods and good practices to create desirable social change. We will use the conference to investigate how resources, means and levers make social innovation processes effective’ (Jürgen Howaldt/Antonius Schröder, SI-DRIVE lead partner).

"Pathways to Social Change" is going to be the key conference on social innovation in the year 2015. It is planned and designed by mutually complementary research projects on social innovation that reach out to world-wide experiences and concepts of social innovation. High representatives of the government, entrepreneurs, profiled policymakers and researchers will gather from around the world to share and learn experiences and concepts of social innovation and its role in fostering social and sustainable change. The event will offer plenty of opportunities for networking and building alliances. To read more please see here.

Due to wide interest and good reception the number of people attending the conference has reached the limit of 400. Participants will come from all over Europe, South America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia), Africa (South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Tunisia, Egypt), Asia (India, Indonesia, Iran, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand) and North America (Canada, USA).

The conference is hosted by two projects under the EU 7th Framework Programme, Social Innovation – Driving Force of Social Change – SI-DRIVE, Transformative Social Innovation Theory – TRANSIT and NET4SOCIETY, a network of National Contact Points in Horizon 2020. They are joined by two collaborative partners: Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation – CRESSI and Boosting the Impact of Social Innovation in Europe through Economic Underpinnings – SIMPACT.

The first day of the conference focuses on the state-of-the-art in social innovation research and offers participants the opportunity to take part in interactive sessions on topics ranging from the life cycles of social innovations to the value of ‘scaling up’. The second day explores practical challenges in social innovation through a rich offering of interactive sessions and excursions, which include a discussion of business models, an introduction to systemic play, a training on facilitation skills and a session on the Central and Eastern European features of social innovation.
To read more please visit.
The release of a summary report is intended in the follow-up. It will include contents, procedures and results. Discussion papers will be available online (please see here).

For further information please contact as communication node of the local organisers: Julia Brandstätter, (SI-DRIVE).





Beatriz Linares Cantillo Award

social innovation mapping strategy


The Beatriz Linares Cantillo Award is the first Social Innovation (SI) mapping strategy of Colombia´s National Agency to Overcome Extreme Poverty - ANSPE. It was designed as a contest to motivate social workers to postulate the creative solutions they are coming up with to solve the families’ needs when the state or the private sector cannot do it. The award recognised the effort made by social workers and encourages others to follow their lead. 

From April to May 2015, 146 initiatives developed by social workers were postulated and mapped for the Beatriz Linares Cantillo Award in the following categories: (i) Best initiative that strengthens social capital (ii) Best initiative that helps accomplish social goals. Ten initiatives were awarded as the best practices, five for each mentioned category. A third award was given to the people´s favourite initiative. [Read more]




New Publications on Social innovation

SI in Latin america, Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship, SI cases


The publication Social Innovation in Latin America: The Chilean Case gives an insight into some trend-setting developments in the field of social innovation in Chile and Latin America. Considered as one of the most developed countries in Latin America, Chile is also known for great social and economic inequalities as well as massive environmental problems. In recent years this also has led to increasing social conflicts. Against this background, the study shows how social innovations can contribute to meet these challenges. [Read more]

The article Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship: The Concept of Social Entrepreneurship under the Perspective of Socio-scientific Innovation Research gives an overview of the current situation and the perspectives of socio-scientific innovation research. It shows how, in light of the new innovation paradigm, social innovation increasingly plays a more important role in society. [Read more]

In August 2015 SIMPACT project published the Comparative Report on Social Innovation Across Europe. The report summarises the findings of 60 social innovation cases for which business case studies and social innovation biographies were conducted.


New SI publications



workplace innovation practices in Europe

Eurofound Report


Eurofound published a report exploring workplace innovation practices in Europe. Workplace innovation measures (WPI) are emerging as a strong driving force to transform workplaces to make better use of human talents and skills while sharpening innovation and improving competitiveness. However, there is a need for greater clarity about what policymakers can do to stimulate WPI. Eurofound’s new report on ‘workplace innovation in European companies’ provides an understanding of why and how WPI is implemented in companies and organizations. The report can be downloaded here.





SI and Entrepreneurship Conference... Auckland New Zealnd, from 10-12th February 2016

The conference theme of the New Zealand Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre (SIERC) - which is in advisory role for SI-DRIVE - is Collaborating for Impact. It reflects the importance of collaborative action for advancing this emerging scholarly field. The 2016 conference will bring together participants across sectors (non‐profit, business, government sectors) and academic disciplines to explore ways to advance theory, practice and policy in social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Further information can be found here.




CominG Soon...

Eighth SI-DRIVE Newsletter

The eighth SI-DRIVE newsletter will be issued in December 2015. Please register at our si-drive website if you are willing to receive regular information.

8th SI-DRIVE Newsletter

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