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Issue #14 / June 29th, 2017


Welcome to the SI-Drive Newsletter

Fourteenth edition

Welcome to the fourteenth eNewsletter of SI-DRIVE, a large-scale research project funded in the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme (FP 7). In our fourteenth edition we focus amongst others on the final conference of the SI-DRIVE project: "Social Innovation – Research and Policy of the Future: towards a comprehensive innovation policy"




Social Innovation 2017: 24th-25th October, Brussels

Welcome World, Welcome Social Innovation


The conference, titled "Social Innovation – Research and Policy of the Future: towards a comprehensive innovation policy" on 24th and 25th October in Brussels, is going to be one of the key events on social innovation in the year 2017.
The conference is hosted by:

"Social Innovation – Research and Policy of the Future: towards a comprehensive innovation policy" will explore the future of social innovation research and policy by bringing together leading social innovators, academics and politicians.

Presentations by more than 30 leading experts in the field will provide insight into the various aspects of this ubiquitous phenomenon. On the one hand, the contributions will build on empirical results generated by the international research project SI-DRIVE. The 25 international partners of SI-DRIVE have mapped over 1.000 cases of social innovation all over the world and selected over 80 cases for an in-depth case study analysis. On the other hand, these insights will be complemented by contributions of the Social Innovation Community (SIC) project and international experts’ inputs.

Further information (programme, registration, conference speakers, etc.) is available here.


Final conference of SI-DRIVE



SI-DRIVE Policy Briefs

The state of social innovation in the seven policy fields


The recently published SI-DRIVE EU policy briefs are based on the SI-DRIVE in-depth case study reports and its compilation, as well as on seven policy and foresight workshops, which were conducted in spring 2017. They appraise the state of social innovation in the seven policy fields of SI-DRIVE and look at current and future challenges and opportunities, analysing their implication for policy and provide recommendations. Key messages of the policy briefs, as well as the links to the documents are available here.


SI-DRIVE publications



SI-DRIVE International Round Table

"Social innovators are better than rocket scientists”


Members of the "Policy and Foresight Work Package" in the SI-DRIVE project have been managing a large set of discussions with stakeholders and policy makers over the past three years. These discussions culminated in the final "International Round Table" for the project. Next to six participants from the SI-DRIVE consortium, some 19 policy makers, social innovators and other stakeholders participated. One of the discussed key questions was: "What has SI-DRIVE to show after four years of work?" [Read more]


SI-DRIVE event review



Josef Hochgerner Fellowship 2017 awarded

Annual Award


Dmitri Domanski, researcher from SI-DRIVE lead partner TU Dortmund University, convinced the jury with his research proposal on "Developing the Social Innovation Ecosystem of the Vienna Region". Through the annually awarded fellowship, the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in Vienna, which is also SI-DRIVE partner, seeks to facilitate the discourse on social innovation. The goal of the annually awarded Josef Hochgerner (JH) fellowship, named after the founder and longtime scientific director of ZSI, is to support the discourse on social innovation. It aims at stimulating critical reflections on how social innovations can be introduced into society. Further information about the awards presentation for 2017 and the announcement for 2018 is available here.




Busy on Social Innovation


Over the last six months, the SI-DRIVE partner, The Young Foundation has been delivering a range of social innovation projects combining research and practice related, in particular, to education, inequality and developing an inclusive economy. In their research work, they recently launched Humanity at Work, a research report examining the MONDRAGON co-operative as a social innovation ecosystem case study. The Young Foundation also supports the development and dissemination of new research from the Science Policy Research Unit on the impact of technological innovation and automation on employment and inequality in local areas. [Read more]




New Publications on Social Innovation... researchers from SI-DRIVE partner organisations

  • The report "Exploring the Research Landscape of Social Innovation" (edited by Dmitri Domanski and Christoph Kaletka from TU Dortmund University) draws the contours of the social innovation research landscape, refers to main actors, important publications and events, and shows the potential of social innovation as a transdisciplinary field of action. [Read more]
  • Work, health and caregiving, spatial development, energy and climate change were central topics of the congress "Innovation for Society – New Ways and Methods for the Development of the Potential of Social Innovations" (organised by TU Dortmund University and the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis), which took place in September 2016 at the “Umweltforum” in Berlin. A brochure (in German) with a lot of insights in this successful and productive congress is available here.
  • The SI-DRIVE partner, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched the report titled, "Beyond Organizational Scale: How Social Entrepreneurs Create Systems Change" in partnership with the Schwab Foundation, the Motsepe Foundation and the World Economic Forum.
  • The European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) published a Special Issue of their journal EWOP In-Practice on workplace innovation (WPI). Workplace innovation has come to be seen as key in helping organisations nimbly adapt to the challenges presented by a turbulent world. This issue contains contributions of the SI-DRIVE partner the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research - TNO.



Events focusing on Social Innovation and SI-DRIVE...

...In Europe and Asia


Representatives from the SI-DRIVE partner Zhejiang University, based in Hangzhou, China, organised a couple of events, focusing on social innovation and topics related to SI-DRIVE. The following contributions offer detailed information:

Social innovation in connection with SI-DRIVE received particular attention in different events, either (co)organised from the SI-DRIVE lead partner TU Dortmund University, or with contributions from researchers from TU Dortmund. Further information is available here:




Social Innovation in an Interconnected World

special issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM)


A call for papers for a special issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) is launched. The special issue focuses on "Social Innovation in an Interconnected World". Submission due date: November 15th, 2017. Further information is available here.


Call for papers



Visit the SI-DRIVE website...

...and take a look on new contributions


You are invited to read and comment the posts published here:
Theory Building Forum, Policy Field Platforms.



CominG Soon...

...Fifteenth SI-DRIVE Newsletter

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15th SI-DRIVE Newsletter

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